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    Great Product.Wonderfully helpful representative.
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    I will never leave the i7 4790k until there's another quad-core processor that can beat it at DDR3 with 5-6+ GHz speed. I play games that require strong single-core processing from time to time, upgrading to their latest crap multicore won't do anything for me except for newer games and programming. Intel needs to make the next i7 4790K with higher processing speeds and stick with DDR3.
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    I went through about 10 cheap mice before I finally decided to treat myself to this one. I wasted so much time! I love it. The battery lasts forever and I don't need to take up a usb slot with a receiver. I have it paired with 2 devices and it switches between them seamlessly! It's attractive, comfortable, and responsive.I do have 2 complaints. The major one is it's not usb-c. wtf? I have to hold onto an old micro usb cable just for the twice a year I have to charge this mouse.My second complaint is not really unique to this mouse, but it's impossible to clean it fully. The foot pads on the bottom get surrounded with junk and the glue from them mixes with it and you can't clean it out to my standard of cleanliness. Same with the gel pads on the sides. It's also difficult to clean the sides of the wheel. Someone needs to design a mouse that you can actually clean.
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    Don't get me wrong this thing works great! I'm disappointed because in 3 more years,Microsoft has made it obsolete and I'm going to have to replace the whole rig in orderto update to windows 11 and windows 10 will no longer be supported!
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    Never used a hard cover pad before. Honestly worth every penny! RGB is beautiful. Pad seams durable. Sticks to surface. Mouse glides effortlessly. Works with a wired mouse (sometimes can get stuck on the middle part but not that big of a deal to move and adjust). No major complaints at all!
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    Having 15 RGB zones was important for me when I was buying accessories for my new gaming PC. I was initially on the fence about having a solid surface mouse pad but I like it so far. The addition of USB Pass-Through is nice if used for non-gaming related USB accessories. I say non-gaming because the USB 2.0 standard they chose...
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    don't know why its not lighted up on upper half of the pad. just a good overall big mouse base.
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    its a pretty good mouse pad just wish the RGB was a bit thicker and brighter but not for the price maybe $30.00 would be ok.
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    love this mouse, is perfect for me, fast, ergonomic and very resistant. I totall y recomend this mouse.
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    Perfect size and like the hard surface. Using an EVGA X20 mouse and seems to work better than with the hard surface Ratpadz mousepad that it replaces. LED's are a nice touch.
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    Updated Review:Although the iCue software said I had the latest firmware for my device, it was apparently wrong. After seeing a recommendation on a forum, I tried force-updating the Polaris through iCue. Afterwards, it still reported the same firmware, but the rainbow-swirl problem was gone so it definitely updated something. Now when the computer locks or goes to sleep, the Polaris simply goes dark - as it should have from day one. With this problem fixed, I can change my review from 1* to 5*. I can wholeheartedly recommend this mouse pad now. It's a pity that iCue didn't update it properly the first time I plugged it in, but better late than never.Original Review:There is a serious design flaw in this device where it automatically changes to a bright rainbow-swirl LED pattern whenever it isn't directly connected to iCue which means any time the computer is locked or asleep or booting, etc. Every other Corsair device I own has the ability to set a default color except this mouse pad. It would even be fine if the pad would just shut itself off in that situation but instead the designers had it switch to the rainbow swirl. Every time your computer locks or goes to sleep, it goes into this rainbow light show , it's very annoying and distracting. Users have been complaining about this issue since at least 2016 so there is zero chance it will ever be fixed. This flaw frankly ruins the entire device.Pros+ Solid construction+ LED customization with iCue (limited, see below)Cons- Device defaults to bright rainbow-swirl LED pattern whenever computer is locked or asleep- raised USB port may interfere with a wired mouse's movements (if not raised)
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    Performance is outstanding with Quality too!
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    I use this 12 to 16 hours a day.Many years ago I bought one of these and loved it.It has 3 Lasers that works on any surface and does everything I want a mouse to do.They always lasted for several years before I'd replace them because I had issues withthe scroll wheel, but they took a beating for several years before they acted up andMy only complaint was the AA Battery use. In early November I looked for another new oneand I couldn't find any that took a AA Battery. This was problematic because I just bought $90 worth of batteries, so I felt I was forced to try one of these that has a built in rechargeable battery. I also saw some reviews claiming these new 2S models made loud clicks, but outside of the rechargeable battery this seems identical to the half dozen I had before it, (because I always buy one for My Wife at the same time) no louder clicking and the scroll wheel is even quieter, so when I got this in Mid-November I plugged it in and it was charged up and I've now used it for twice as long as the AA powered Mice and I'm impressed with how long it has lasted without needing to be recharged again, so to sum up, it's perfect and will more than pay for itself just in the savings of not having to keep buying AA batteries. I LOVE this mouse!
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  • US$ 299.99



    Product as described, fits socket and shipping was quick, however the carrier decided to put this $300 cpu right next to my garbage can... other then that no problems thus far
  • US$ 299.99



    Product as described, fits socket and shipping was quick, however the carrier decided to put this $300 cpu right next to my garbage can... other then that no problems thus far
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    Great for portability and I only have to charge it once a month or so. Flow is very convenient for connecting to multiple computers on the same network. After a couple years, I have had no issues with connectivity, but the rubberized material below the thumb buttons has started to peel up.
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    Had this for several years. Works perfectly. Can work on any surface and switches easily between 3 paired devices with a click on a button
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    Fast delivery and the item well packaged. New as expected.
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