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Logitech K310 920-004033 Wired Washable Keyboard - Black/White

Logitech K310 920-004033 Wired Washable Keyboard - Black/White Item NO.: Logitech K310

US$ 69.99

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  • Washable keyboard: Easy to clean and dry with hand-wash-safe design
  • Ultra-durable: Built to take a washing and pounding - durable keys with laser printing and UV coating
  • Comfortable typing: Familiar keyboard layout and clean contemporary design feels and looks great
  • Plug and play simplicity: Plug the keyboard into your computer and start typing - no software to install
  • 12 shortcut hot keys: Instantly access email, launch a web search or pause music with one touch

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Product Name Logitech K310 920-004033 Wired Washable Keyboard - Black/White
Item NO. Logitech K310
Keyboard Interface USB
Design Style Standard
Weight 0.8 kg = 1.7637 lb = 28.2192 oz
Category Input &Output Device > Keyboards
Brand Logitech
Creation Time 2012-11-26

MPN Does Not Apply
Brand Logitech
Model K310
Connectivity Wired
Interface USB
Keyboard/Keypad Keyboard
Features Multimedia Integration
Package Yes
Application Desktop,Laptop
Is waterproof Yes
Whether to support plug and play Yes



Does what it's supposed to and is easy enough to clean. I am a gamer so the lettering on the A and S keys are starting to fade with heavy use. Only complaint is since the keys are wide and flat, it's SUPER EASY to make typos. Normal KB's keys are tall and tapered so they afford you with lesser inaccurate key strokes. It's more like a laptop KB in that aspect.



I purchased this keyboard last black friday for $15 dollars. Had it for a year now. It is a great keyboard and have not had to wash it yet, since the way it is designed (keys are up in the air a good distance from the keyboard itself, making it very easy to clean with canned air or a vacuum). I would not pay the current price $65 for this keyboard however. I think $65 is a ripoff and shocked they are asking that much for it, but for under 20 bucks, it is a great keyboard.



I am guilty of eating/drinking while using my keyboard. Being able to wash and brush it clean under running water is a boon. It isn't covered in a plastic film, as other washable keyboards I've used. The keys have a 'positive' feel. I prefer this keyboard to my other 'regular' keyboards.



Fantastic and I've already cleaned several kid related spills - lasted FAR longer than my previous keyboard did with them.



I'm really enjoying this keyboard.



Apart from the washable factor it's just an average or slightly above average keyboard. If you don't care about the washable factor then your better off getting a different keyboard which will either be better or cheaper or maybe both. However the washable factor for me is really really cool. Over the years I've killed many keyboards by spilling drinks on them so for me the peace of mind knowing that if I spill a drink on this keyboard I can wash it off and key working is worth the extra price.



Good programmers' keyboard. Layout is standard and great key feel.



other keyboards only lasted me 6 months but this one is going strong without having problems. and it is amazing that i have not had sticky keys yet, i can spill lots of foods and drinks on it and it does not phase the function of the key board!



Easy to clean, just with the cable was more rugged.



I have had this keyboard for approximately a year now. I brought it in to my office to use there, since I have a bad habit of eating my lunch at my desk... even after tons of crumbs and spills it is still going strong. Easy to clean, hasn't lost it's clickity-ness nor any stuck keys. Great product.



Love it.






Awesome keyboard that is easily cleaned and won't break. I love this keyboard and have no complaints about it. It really is washable!



Still getting used to the keys from a Mac keyboard. I wish they were a little easier to push but c'est la vie. otherwise, fine keyboard.



Been using for over a year, no problems. Had a small learning curve with the flat keys but worth it. Love the little brush for removing crumbs and cat hair.



Awesome Keyboard, I have had too many keyboards to count in the last 20 years and this keyboard is by far the best one I have ever purchased. I spent so much time at my computer, I eat, drink, etc and tend to be extremely messy. I just unplug the usb cable and take to the sink, use dawn and water, dry it off, and viola!
It is ready to go again...Awesome product!



this is a greaty keyboard! I'd buy it again and again.



I eat at my desk and crumbs tend to get everywhere. This keyboard is easy to type on, and easy to clean. I like that it doesn't have a wrist rest, isn't at a permanent slant, and doesn't have any rubbery parts. I'm very happy with it.



I've had this keyboard for over 2 years now. I got it when it was only 30 dollars... But it's amazing and it's survive all sorts of spills and even a pop being spilled on it. It's easy to clean, like super super easy to clean, and is mor equiet than conventonal keyboards. So far I've seen absolutly no ware on the letters or numbers at all and all of the keys still work great.



I managed to get this beauty for about 20 bucks used . It wasn't used but the box was open. I will say this; this is just a keyboard. Nothing fancy about in terms of functions. You type stuff, that's it. What it does have going for it is it's sleek modern design. It would pair nicely with an apple pc if you feel the need to own of of those things ;P. The best feature it that it is washable! No more having to remove the keys from your expensive macro keyboard with leds and a juice maker attached. Just unplug and wash away filth. Now that I mentioned it, it would be nice if there were lighted keys. That is really the only downside. I still gave it five stars because it is a great product. Get yours today!

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