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Logitech K310 920-004033 Wired Washable Keyboard - Black/White

Logitech K310 920-004033 Wired Washable Keyboard - Black/White Item NO.: Logitech K310

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US$ 69.99

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  • Washable keyboard: Easy to clean and dry with hand-wash-safe design
  • Ultra-durable: Built to take a washing and pounding - durable keys with laser printing and UV coating
  • Comfortable typing: Familiar keyboard layout and clean contemporary design feels and looks great
  • Plug and play simplicity: Plug the keyboard into your computer and start typing - no software to install
  • 12 shortcut hot keys: Instantly access email, launch a web search or pause music with one touch

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Product Name Logitech K310 920-004033 Wired Washable Keyboard - Black/White
Item NO. Logitech K310
Keyboard Interface USB
Design Style Standard
Weight 0.8 kg = 1.7637 lb = 28.2192 oz
Category Input &Output Device > Keyboards
Brand Logitech
Creation Time 2012-11-26

MPN Does Not Apply
Brand Logitech
Model K310
Connectivity Wired
Interface USB
Keyboard/Keypad Keyboard
Features Multimedia Integration
Package Yes
Application Desktop,Laptop
Is waterproof Yes
Whether to support plug and play Yes



Bought it for the spill protection.



I have this keyboard for about 6 years and still looks like new and feels like new. I changed desktop computers like 3 times.... And this handsome still running without issues.



Purchased 2 of these in 2013 for $29.99 each and they are both still working great with no issues.



Purchased 2 of these in 2013 for $29.99 each and they are both still working great with no issues.



I love the Logitech Washable Wired Keyboard K310s. This is the second one that I have owned because I wore the other one out after many years of owning it. I love how the keys are set up and it is my favorite keyboard. I sit in front of a laptop all day for work so it gets a workout every day. Highly recommend.



I'm not going to show as a verified purchaser because I bought this K310 over six years ago at a brick-and-mortar. As can be seen in the pic, the keys are showing some wear, but IMO it's not bad for the years of heavy use -- can you tell we use CTRL-A and CTRL-S a lot? :-)The only reason I was shopping keyboards on Amazon is that I thought it might be starting to get flakey, but it turns out it was just crumbs under a few keys. Cleaned it off with the included brush and good as new. I may buy another one anyway, for the 2nd computer and as a backup.



I bought a logitech k310 when I Was 15 at a Walmart for $15. I have never had a problem with this keyboard. Just today the space bar is going out and I've used it everyday for nearly 10 years. So i wandered if they still had them they do but now its 54 bucks. Great keyboard.



I love this keyboard. I can clean it out every day. Nothing get stuck between the keys and it is just clean all the time. Comes with a cute little brush that attaches to the underside of the keyboard. I wish I had used one like this years aog.It just stays clean



It is just as advertised. I had a little trouble with the spacing on the backspace button, but have learned the right angle now.



slim lines, stays clean, makes typing easier and faster!!! best keyboard EVER!



it works as described



I’ve now had this keyboard for about 6 years. My wife and kids kept destroying other keyboards. I had a fancy solar Logitech that was destroyed when a drink was spilled. That was the last straw. By this point, I was several hundred dollars into keyboards. So I spent a few hours searching for a new keyboard when I ran across this one. The kids are still getting it dirty and sticky and occasionally spill on it. When this happens, I just unplug it, take it to the kitchen sink and scrub the heck out of it. This thing just keeps going. Not a single letter has rubbed off and it works and looks as good as the day I bought it. I highly recommend this one for anyone that is sick of keyboard accidents. It’s a great looking keyboard to boot.



Really like the white tabs over the dark gray base. Very lite and thin, tough and washable. Hope it lives up to the hype. So far so good.



This our second Logitech keyboard for our computer and they are so durable! My husband has spilled tons of drinks on them from hot coffee to ice tea, cigarette ashes, etc and they still work!



Update 4/18/19I wanted to update this review after using this keyboard for a while. In my original review I mentioned that the keys felt really sticky and hard to press. I would say after a week or so after using this keyboard the keys started to feel normal again. I still use this at work every day and I don't notice the sticky key feeling anymore. It feels like my original one. Gave it an extra star because I absolutely love this keyboard for some reason.---------------------ORIGINAL REVIEW:I got this keyboard years ago. Its been my main keyboard at home and decided to get one for my work desk.Sadly, this version feels off. The keys seem to get stuck pretty easily. I keep missing certain keystrokes because the keys feel hard to press down. Maybe I just need to break them in after prolonged use, but I don't remember my other one ever feeling like this. The space bar is the main culprit. It almost feels like I am pressing it at an angle which is preventing it from going down all the way and registering.I still like the look and feel of the actual device. The ability to blow out junk out or wash under the keys is its main selling point. I wish Logitech had continued evolving this series of keyboards but sadly it looks like they have moved on from it.



I loveee this keyboard! I've had to for many years now and it still works great - I've never once had an issue with it. I like to eat at my desk and it's very easy to clean if I ever get any food splattered on it. The keys are very smooth and are fun to press but don't make a super loud noise like a mechanical keyboard. Overall, I would DEFINITELY recommend getting this keyboard.



Love this keyboard, I got one for home and work



I got this keyboard to use at work as I tend to eat at my desk a lot, and I also tend to spill my drinks more often then I would like to admit. This keyboard has been great for that. I've washed it several times and works just as good as day 1. I even replaced my wife's keyboard with a second one and she loves it.



I only bought it because I keep spilling stuff on my keyboard and while looking for a keyboard to replace mine, I ran across this one. it is really washable and works great. Would recommend to a friend. Great price too.



OK true confession: I often - even usually! - eat lunch at my desk while working.So I had this awesome wireless, lighted keyboard (also Logitech) but it kept getting groaty because of crumbs etc. which were nearly impossible to clean off of it. After a year or so it was so gross I threw it away and ordered a new one. I promptly spilled soup on the new keyboard! I cleaned it up well enough and it still works, but I realized that (a) I'm not going to stop eating at my desk and (b) even if I'm careful, spills happen.This keyboard is the solution! OK It's not wireless but it was easy enough to connect a wire, and I no longer wonder if my neighbor's kid can hack my password when I type it. It's not lighted but the white keys show up pretty well, even at night with only the computer screen lighting the room. The upside is I can keep it clean! It comes with a little brush which can actually get under the keys to remove crumbs. If it's more than crumbs, I just unplug it, bring it in the kitchen, and wash it off. I'm back at work in minutes, and it's always clean and sanitary. Bravo Logitech!

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