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  • 2022-04-21
  • 2022-03-06
    Never used a hard cover pad before. Honestly worth every penny! RGB is beautiful. Pad seams durable. Sticks to surface. Mouse glides effortlessly. Works with a wired mouse (sometimes can get stuck on the middle part but not that big of a deal to move and adjust). No major complaints at all!
  • 2022-02-15
    Having 15 RGB zones was important for me when I was buying accessories for my new gaming PC. I was initially on the fence about having a solid surface mouse pad but I like it so far. The addition of USB Pass-Through is nice if used for non-gaming related USB accessories. I say non-gaming because the USB 2.0 standard they chose...
  • 2022-02-11
    don't know why its not lighted up on upper half of the pad. just a good overall big mouse base.
  • 2022-02-07
    its a pretty good mouse pad just wish the RGB was a bit thicker and brighter but not for the price maybe $30.00 would be ok.
  • 2022-01-19
    Perfect size and like the hard surface. Using an EVGA X20 mouse and seems to work better than with the hard surface Ratpadz mousepad that it replaces. LED's are a nice touch.
  • 2022-01-16
    Updated Review:Although the iCue software said I had the latest firmware for my device, it was apparently wrong. After seeing a recommendation on a forum, I tried force-updating the Polaris through iCue. Afterwards, it still reported the same firmware, but the rainbow-swirl problem was gone so it definitely updated something. Now when the computer locks or goes to sleep, the Polaris simply goes dark - as it should have from day one. With this problem fixed, I can change my review from 1* to 5*. I can wholeheartedly recommend this mouse pad now. It's a pity that iCue didn't update it properly the first time I plugged it in, but better late than never.Original Review:There is a serious design flaw in this device where it automatically changes to a bright rainbow-swirl LED pattern whenever it isn't directly connected to iCue which means any time the computer is locked or asleep or booting, etc. Every other Corsair device I own has the ability to set a default color except this mouse pad. It would even be fine if the pad would just shut itself off in that situation but instead the designers had it switch to the rainbow swirl. Every time your computer locks or goes to sleep, it goes into this rainbow light show , it's very annoying and distracting. Users have been complaining about this issue since at least 2016 so there is zero chance it will ever be fixed. This flaw frankly ruins the entire device.Pros+ Solid construction+ LED customization with iCue (limited, see below)Cons- Device defaults to bright rainbow-swirl LED pattern whenever computer is locked or asleep- raised USB port may interfere with a wired mouse's movements (if not raised)
  • 2022-01-12
    Performance is outstanding with Quality too!
  • 2020-09-22
    This is my second one. My first one is a couple years old and still looks new!!!
  • 2020-09-20
    Purchased this in 2017, three years later the print has faded slightly after various cleanings, but this pad still works quite well. Very pleased.
  • 2020-09-17
    Well so far i love them. Got 1 for all 3 of my kids. Been about a month and seem very durable.
  • 2020-09-17
    if you using G502 make sure you tune it to the surface witin logtiech desktop app. lol
  • 2020-09-17
    Good mat, great size and easily and quickly folded out flat. No problems at all.
  • 2020-09-16
    I've been using this mouse pad everyday since I ordered it and it's great. It's smooth, comfortable, and tracks my mouse as well as I could ask. I like the simplicity of it and the size. None of the ends have frayed and I just clean it every few weeks with a wet washcloth and it still looks as new as the day I got it. Really great wide mouse mat Corsair!
  • 2020-09-13
    The mouse pad bought this time is a little small, next time to buy a bit bigger, the overall or good
  • 2020-09-11
    Works wonderfully and feels great.
  • 2020-09-09
    This thing is huge. Litteraly the size of my desk. I own a 36x12 mosue pad and man is this an improvement. This is what i originally wanted and im glad i found it
  • 2020-09-08
    Goes well with my other Corsair accessories. Replaced a Logitech pad that was very similar, but no matching RGB. Very nice enhancement.
  • 2020-09-07
    Turned out to be the perfect size! It’s super smooth and mouse works great on it!
  • 2020-09-05
    I got this for my boyfriends birthday and it is so perfect! Super smooth and durable feeling at the same time. Definitely worth every penny!
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