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Are you looking for a small, quality and economical mechanical keyboard? Well, the Anne Pro 2 will surely be one of the most recommended options. Obinslab, the Chinese peripheral brand has updated its Anne to a 2nd version that offers much more and better. 60% mechanical keyboard with Gateron switches and RGB lighting configurable key by key that we can connect to our PC via cable or bluetooth.

As you will see, it has everything an advanced user needs, so do not miss this review. And before continuing, we thank Obinslab for trusting us with his keyboard to be able to do our analysis.

Anne Pro 2 technical characteristics

Anne Pro 2 features


We start with this interesting product of the Chinese brand with the presentation and Unboxing that has some interesting things. The keyboard has arrived in a white rigid cardboard box with the main specifications and the photograph of the keyboard in the outside area. We see one with the white version and one in black, to make the user a little dizzy.

Inside, we find the main product inside a cardboard mold and in turn tucked into a polythene foam bag . This way it will support the long journey ahead when we buy it.

Anne Pro 2 Review

In the bundle we find the following elements:

  • 60% Anne Pro 2 keyboard
  • Key extractor
  • USB connection cable
  • Secondary Replacement Keys
  • Installation and use instruction paper

60% ultra compact design

Anne Pro 2 Analysis

Of course the most significant thing about this Anne Pro 2 keyboard is that it is of a 60% configuration, that is, the smallest size of desktop keyboard that we can find in the market. This keyboard is very common for people who need maximum portability and a good performance keyboard that has the right keys to type.

We just have to keep in mind that the keyboard is not available in Spanish configuration, only in the international Asian one (without the ñ). In any case, if we have the system in Spanish, the "Ñ" key will be ":", as always.

Anne Pro 2 Review

In this way, a 60% configuration lacks a numeric keypad, navigation keys and the row of F keys . So in total there will be 61 keys available whose functions we will analyze during the review. This keyboard has measures of 292 mm of something, 97 mm wide and 40 mm high by the highest area, weighing a total of 635 g.

For its construction, ABS plastic has been used entirely , which gives us a very good quality of finishes in edges, structure and keys. The entire key panel is located within a frame of this material and built in one piece. Within this, we have another block finished in white that is responsible for holding the floating key panel and all the internal hardware it carries. All 3 mm bores, so they practically do not exist , that is why the measurements are so extremely compact.

Anne Pro 2 Review

This Anne Pro 2 does not have legs to be extended, but has directly been set in an inclined position to be more comfortable for the user. Not having legs is a great advantage in terms of handling, since they eventually loosen and will always be annoying. On the other hand, the advantage of being inclined facilitates access to all the keys even without having armrests included . In its case, four non-slip rubber feet have been placed that eliminate vibrations and give very good stability.

Also in the lower area we have a switch with which we can select the operation mode of the keyboard. We explain, if the switch is ON, it will mean that it will be connected via bluetooth, while if it remains OFF it will be off and will be used via wired connection.

Anne Pro 2 Review

If we go to the right front area, we find a USB Type-C port to connect it to the PC. The cable measures are 1.8 meters in length , and the interface for the device will be by traditional USB Type-A . A second function of this cable is to charge the 1900 mAh battery of the keyboard, which will last for an acceptable time, about 8 hours with the lighting activated , although in the end it stays in somewhat less. If we deactivate the lighting we can extend it a few more hours.

Spare or gaming and extractor keys

Anne Pro 2 Review

The Anne Pro 2 has 10 spare or gaming keys in the bundle which have a greater roughness than the standard ones. This improves our response and accuracy in games. In addition, counting all of them with different colors, allows us to identify them quickly. Of course, they have no screen printing at the top, so we can place them practically as we please, while they fit in the hole. These keys can be used in:

  • The two capital letters
  • The two Ctrl and the two Alt
  • Esc and Windows key
  • FN and FN2 key to handle extra keyboard functions

Anne Pro 2 Review

And of course, to extract these keys, a puller-type extractor could not be missing to be able to remove our keys very easily. It is a gadget with a handle and two metal rods that will open on their own when pushed on a key. This will automatically make the hitch and we only have to pull up to remove it. A gadget of 10 for this excellent keyboard.

Gateron switches

Anne Pro 2 Switches

This keyboard has mechanical switches of the Chinese brand Gateron , and they are considered the best imitations of the German Cherry . In fact, some users find these switches better than the originals, so we are not talking about the typical Kailh or the Outemu. So why do we find them in so few keyboards? Well, simple, because they are expensive to be copies, and brands bet on the Outemu whenever they can.

The Anne Pro 2 switches we analyze are the Brown version . A mechanical tactile switch with an actuation force of 45g and no sound click . In any case, it has a slight driving sound when they reach the end of their journey, and they are not completely silent like the Red. The main feature of this switch is that it presents a hybrid interaction between linear and tactile (clicky) to improve satisfaction of the user how much he presses it.

Anne Pro 2 Review

The Brown are the most versatile switches, being very suitable for gaming , because it is a very easy mechanism to press and largely avoids accidental double pulsations. But it also behaves very well in writing , thanks to the tactile action and the low acting force. And without a doubt those of this Anne Pro 2 are perfectly implemented and have given us a magnificent experience.

The manufacturer also has variants of this keyboard on Gateron Red and Blue switches . 

>> Review: Anne Pro 2 TLDR: The best mechanical keyboard for work and play while on the move.

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