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Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 1.0 Gram for Intel AMD CPU processor heatsink cooling compound fan thermal paste thermal grease cooler

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 1.0 Gram for Intel AMD CPU processor heatsink cooling compound fan thermal paste thermal grease cooler Item NO.: Thermal Grizzly-1g

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US$ 7.99
1-Pack 2-Pack 4-Pack

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  • Thermal conductivity 12.5 W/mk
  • Designed with extremely demanding applications
  • Popular choice for overclockers and extreme gamers
  • Convenient 1.0 gram syringe, making this thermal paste very easy to apply
  • Delivers optimal heat transfer for larger-scale cooling systems, including water cooled systems

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Product Name Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 1.0 Gram for Intel AMD CPU processor heatsink cooling compound fan thermal paste thermal grease cooler
Item NO. Thermal Grizzly-1g
Weight 0.05 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category CPUs / Processors > Thermal Compound / Grease
Brand Thermal Grizzly
Creation Time 2014-11-24

100% brand new and high quality.
Grease only, other image demonstration accessories are not included.
Made of metal oxide and silicone oil, Good thermal conductivity and insulation.
Silicone based, non-conductive electrical. Non toxic, tasteless, non corrosive.
Suitable for high power LEDs, laptops and desktops, all kinds of appliances, electronic components, electricians and other fields.
The syringe applicator provides convenience for storage and is for all applications, including computer components such as CPU, GPU and North Bridge Chipset.
Brand: Grizzly
Density: 2.6g / cm3
Application temperature: -200 ° C / + 350 ° C
Thermal conductivity: 11.8 W / mk
Viscosity: 140-190 Pas
Content: 1g / 3.9g



Paste was easy to apply and so far performs good. Bought it to repast my rtx 2080 and ps4 pro. Temps are great so far and it was very easy to apply. The cheaper paste I was buying dries out in abou 6 months turning them into jet engines. Nothing has lasted as long as the original paste so far but if I remember I will update this in a year with long term performance results.



I started using this brand after being very dissatisfied with a few other ones and it is awesome. I plan on using this on all future builds.



i mean its thermal grizzy, you really cant go wrong with their products. it has great temps for my system.



i bought an old i5 3570 and the pre applied paste to the stock cooler looked like it had been sitting in the box for 10 years so i bought this thermal paste to replace it and it is working great.



MSI X570 Gaming Edge MB w/ AMD x5950 CPU. Went from Aeronaut to Kryonaut and temps dropped 2-3c overall. I have a slight overclock and when gaming I’m 48c-51c with BF2042. When idle I get 30c-32c. Corsair icue H100i cooler with Corsair Airflow case. The only down side is that you do not get a lot. I bought the Aeronaut and received 4x more paste at half the cost. Still would choose Kyronaut at the end of the day.



Was authentic per thermal grizzly's website. I used it to delid and repaste a ps3. I would buy 2 tubes if I had to do the job again.



If you want top tier cooling along with an easy to use application this is the thermal paste you want I wouldn’t use anything but this on my pc used it on my cpu and gpu and it works great and lasts longer than most



Yesterday, I went to the thermal-grizzly site to verify my product. After putting in the original code, which is/was inside the package, and then typed in, SA Dealz! because they asked for the sold by name, everything passed! So, SA Dealz and this thermal paste product is legit!If you're questioning if SA Dealz is legit or not? They are a legit seller for thermal grizzly.Now, for the temperatures. There is a drop in temperatures! I'm noticing core 2, out of the 16 cores, on the 12900k, is staying a lot cooler than the rest. I find it to be a bit funny because the other cores are cooler, but for some reason core 2 gained the most significant amount of cooling.Note: I am using a custom loop with the EKWB Velocity2. All my products are through EK except for one fitting. There was a Corsair drain port setting around, so I used that.



was a little scared due to fakes floating around, glad i got a real one :D



Me temperature drop 6C little expensive



Made my GPU shut up



I'm glad I got this it's easy to use I use half of it and easy to spread around it stay around 51 in temp and my system didn't shut down at all and it was my first time using it thermal paste one of the best products to get for thermal paste. :)



While I'm satisfied with the performance, this package contained far too little product for my application (thermistor in a thermowell). It was my fault, though. I was in a hurry and didn't read the description thoroughly enough.



It's good stuff, albeit overpriced. I don't notice any difference in temperatures versus cheaper paste.



I build gaming pc's on the side and I tried a few different brands and so far this is my fav. I will def be ordering more!



it is an excellent product and I recommend it



It seems to be what the techies on youtube went to. So I popped the extra buck. I5 10600kf is OCed to 5.2 Ghz on-air and holding below 70C. 55C when I pull it back to 4.5Ghz. So its doing what it should.



For my Nitro 5 the little tube I got was good for one application as I used it on the vRAM modules as well. Overall, the machine seems to be running ~10c cooler. I'd need to run longer, and intend to update this later to know for certain.



Works good so far and good with overclocking



Best thermal paste,I applied to my cpu 5600x and my Graphic card and I telling you right now this thermal pasted just keep very cool bought is so good and am so happy whit it ,best thermal paste ,I recommended to you all pc gamers., hood day guys.

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