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RAZER DeathAdder Wired Optical Precision Gaming Mouse 3G Infrared Sensor

RAZER DeathAdder Wired Optical Precision Gaming Mouse 3G Infrared Sensor Item NO.: RAZER DeathAdder

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US$ 32.39
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  • Ergonomic Right-Handed Design
  • 1000Hz Ultra polling / 1ms response
  • 7 Foot Lightweight, Braided Fiber Cable
  • Gold-plated USB Connector
  • Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions

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Product Name RAZER DeathAdder Wired Optical Precision Gaming Mouse 3G Infrared Sensor
Item NO. RAZER DeathAdder
Connection Type USB Wired
Mice Maximum dpi 1000-3900 dpi
Mice Buttons 5
Tracking Method Optical
Weight 0.45 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
Category Input &Output Device > Mice
Creation Time 2009-11-29

The Razer DeathAdder is the weapon of choice for gamers seeking a combination of comfort and unbridled gaming precision. Enjoy extended gaming sessions in comfort with its right-handed ergonomic form factor crafted for the world of competitive gaming. When the difference between victory and defeat is determined in between heartbeats, the 3500dpi (dots per inch) Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor translates your every movement into frags with pinpoint accuracy.



I've had this mouse for 12 years now, and it still works fine. (I also have a newer version. In my picture, the one I've had for 12 years is on the right and plugged in / lit up.)I did experience the whole surface melting thing--but the mouse survived it. Here is my story and my advice for if that happens to you.For some reason I put the mouse in storage, basically, for a long time (I left it on a bookshelf in the same room as my computer, untouched for at least a year or two). Maybe I did that *because* the surface started melting ; I can't remember. Anyway, my newer mouse finally failed, and I needed one ASAP because my laptop touchpad wasn't working, so in desperation I tried to use this one, only to find that the surface was super sticky, as though covered in resin.I decided to try to clean it off. I used cleaning wet wipes (you know, the Lysol/Clorox/etc. type of household cleaning wipes). That was tough going and took a LONG time--even pressing very hard would only take a little off. I went through many wipes trying to clean it. I almost gave up because it seemed like I'd either never finish, or I'd end up removing surface until there was nothing left. I guess I continued out of boredom and curiosity.But I'm glad I persevered, because EVENTUALLY I got whatever it was off completely. And the mouse now works fine, though I now only use it as my travel mouse (don't want to bang up or crush the newer one). I have dropped it, traveled with it in tightly-packed backpacks that get thrown around, etc. Still working fine.The sticky, resinous stuff that grew on it was and still is a total mystery to me. I thought maybe it was the humidity where I lived or something in the air, but apparently other people have experienced this. Regardless, it is not a deal-breaker, and the mouse still works FINE if you take the effort to clean it.



Teen uses every night.



Christmas Gift.



I bought this mouse about 5 years ago expecting a decent mouse for such a low price. But what I got was a comfortable, high performance product that lasted through 5 years of constant use. I am writing this review because the mouse's wire has finally given out, and I am done using it. But I would definitely recommend it as a budget, high performance, durable gaming mouse!



I've had this mouse for 7 years and it double clicks sometimes and doesn't click sometimes, but its 7 years old. It does everything you want just fine for 2 years at least so it's 100% worth the price.



Been using the same mouse many hours everyday for the past 10 years, had to open and clean it twice only and hopefully I will continue to use this mouse for many years to come.



I bought it as a gift for one of my nephews and he thanks me every time I see him. I guess it was a good purchase.






I'm happy with buying the mouse, it wasn't poor material, and It worked fine, for me. I got it about 2-3 weeks ago, and it's still working good. If you're looking for a cheap mouse for gaming, then this will be the product for you.



This was a good purchase. It works very well, is quite attractive, with a triskelion decoration, and considering how nice it is, is reasonably priced.



Spring on the index clicker eventually goes bad. I buy a new one every two years or so, but I put them through a lot more wear and tear than a normal user would put on it.



5 YEAR REVIEW - This is one of my favorite gaming mice for FPS. It has a good feel and weight to it, it's simple, and the software is great. I primarily used this mouse for Counter Strike. I've had it for over 5 years, it's traveled all over and outside the country for LANs, business, and personal trips. After 5 years I've it's started to occasionally miss/double-click, and when it goes out I will be purchasing another.What it has:- Large grip with sturdy, quality feel. There is no thumb rest, which allows for better minor adjustments in aiming- Smooth, rubber scroll wheel (no loud clicking when scrolling)- Two thumb buttons - great for FPS or games that don't require a lot of additional hot keys. I used them for flashbang/smoke grenade, and many players use one for voice.- Razer Synapse (the associated software) is great and easy to use. Set up profiles, adjust settings, and it's all saved so you can sign in to shared computers at LANs with it on and quickly load up your settings.What it doesn't have:- Fewer customizable buttons. Just the three standard (left/right/scroll press) and the two by the thumb. Again, not a problem for many games, but if you're mostly going to be playing MMOs, you may want more hotkeys.- No sensitivity/profile adjustment on the top of the mouse. To switch between profiles, you need to press the small button on the underside of the mouse. This wasn't much of an issue for me, as I usually keep the same settings for certain games and could just switch while opening the game, or could use in-game settings for changes when scoped or similar. But if you like to switch profiles for rifles vs sniping or other applications, there are other mice with faster switching capabilities.Overall, the DeathAdder is a great intro/mid-range gaming mouse for the price. I would definitely recommend.Let me know if you have any questions!



Out of every mouse I have ever owned, this is easily the best. I was skeptical about the mouse and expected a few faults. After just 12 hours with the mouse, I have no complaints. Never once did my hand feel uncomfortable during my playthrough. It is important to note that the mouse, is a little bigger then what the picture might suggest. I highly recommend it to people looking for a comfortable and responsive mouse.



Great little gaming mouse. It is well made and has held up well to my son's gaming.



I purchased the Deathadder about a year ago and haven't had a single bit of trouble since!Pros: The tracking is great, all buttons feel very firm and solid, cord quality is nice with plenty of length, the ergonomics are well designed, and the mouse stays fairly clean looking despite large amounts of use.Cons: None!There's a reason the Deathadder is one of the most common/highly recommended gaming mouses! You can't go wrong if you're looking for a quality mouse that will last you a long time.



I have owned two of these mouses. First one last 5 years. Wont use anything else for gaming.



This mouse lasted me a decent amount of time considering how many mice I've been through since I started playing WoW. I have my jump Marco on the side buttons and sadly this was what went for me. I was really sad to see if off because my hands are weird and I need a more compact mouse to be comfortable while playing.



works great.



No cons



still using it gotta be close to 2 years later. no problems. great mouse.

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