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RAZER DeathAdder Wired Optical Precision Gaming Mouse 3G Infrared Sensor

RAZER DeathAdder Wired Optical Precision Gaming Mouse 3G Infrared Sensor Item NO.: RAZER DeathAdder

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US$ 32.39
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  • Ergonomic Right-Handed Design
  • 1000Hz Ultra polling / 1ms response
  • 7 Foot Lightweight, Braided Fiber Cable
  • Gold-plated USB Connector
  • Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions

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Product Name RAZER DeathAdder Wired Optical Precision Gaming Mouse 3G Infrared Sensor
Item NO. RAZER DeathAdder
Connection Type USB Wired
Mice Maximum dpi 1000-3900 dpi
Mice Buttons 5
Tracking Method Optical
Weight 0.45 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
Category Input &Output Device > Mice
Creation Time 2009-11-29

The Razer DeathAdder is the weapon of choice for gamers seeking a combination of comfort and unbridled gaming precision. Enjoy extended gaming sessions in comfort with its right-handed ergonomic form factor crafted for the world of competitive gaming. When the difference between victory and defeat is determined in between heartbeats, the 3500dpi (dots per inch) Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor translates your every movement into frags with pinpoint accuracy.



I've had this mouse for 7 years and it double clicks sometimes and doesn't click sometimes, but its 7 years old. It does everything you want just fine for 2 years at least so it's 100% worth the price.



Been using the same mouse many hours everyday for the past 10 years, had to open and clean it twice only and hopefully I will continue to use this mouse for many years to come.



I bought it as a gift for one of my nephews and he thanks me every time I see him. I guess it was a good purchase.






I'm happy with buying the mouse, it wasn't poor material, and It worked fine, for me. I got it about 2-3 weeks ago, and it's still working good. If you're looking for a cheap mouse for gaming, then this will be the product for you.



This was a good purchase. It works very well, is quite attractive, with a triskelion decoration, and considering how nice it is, is reasonably priced.



Spring on the index clicker eventually goes bad. I buy a new one every two years or so, but I put them through a lot more wear and tear than a normal user would put on it.



The Razer Deathadder is one of the highest selling gaming mice around. Many scorn the idea of a gaming mouse, especially one with only two extra buttons, but the Deathadder makes all the difference in the world.

- Plug-and-Play capabilities
The Deathadder is powered and controlled by a single USB. Besides driver installations, the Deathadder is ready to go to work immediately after unboxing.

- Durablilty
The Deathadder's USB cord looks and feels like a braided steel wire. Don't take this the wrong way, it is as flexible as any other cord out there, albiet a little thicker. The material of the cord feels tough to break, looks tough to break, and get this... is tough to break.
The mouse itself is quite hefty. It can and will take the punishment from the most violent nerd rages.
In another time, the Deathadder could have been used as a flail.

- Coolness Factor
Like most gaming mice, the Deathadder boasts an internal LED pulsing light. It stays a neon blue, (yes other high end mice do change colors) which can complement your system as a whole.

Only one con here:
- Non-sanitary
The material that the Deathadder is made out of is not friendly to oily hands. Like gaming controllers, this mouse will build up congeal oil from your hands over a long period of time. This is of no concern if you have non-oily hands, or if you're the only one using the mouse. However, if multiple people plan to use it, be prepared to clean the Deathadder regularly.

The Deathadder is a reasonably priced high performance mouse. It is a solid compliment to an individual's first computer build. With many pros and only one con, this venomous mouse will be sure to strike fear into the heart of your foes.



I've had this mouse for two years and I feel like now is a good time to write a review on it. This was my first gaming mouse.

The mouse feels great under my (small) hands and my thumb naturally rests on the side buttons. Up until recently all the buttons have been responsive and the mouse itself has been very responsive to my movements and directions. The side gloss does attract finger prints and grime over time and will need cleaning every few weeks.

I'm not a huge fan of the software/driver layout but its worked well and its easy to understand and navigate through, and easy to assign keys.

So recently the wheel button has stopped being as responsive as it used to be, working only half the time I click it. The side button closest to my palm/body has caved inside the case, I need to apply more pressure to this button in order for it to register a click. This has also slowed down my response time while playing online games since I have key-bind spells/actions to it.

So all in all, it is a good mouse that has lasted me two years, and now I am in need of a new one. No way in hell I can afford to purchase this expensive mouse again. I've opted for the Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches for PC which gives me more options and buttons to key-bind for a bit cheaper.



This has to be by far the most comfortable and responsive mouse I have ever owned! Not to mention it is definitely the coolest looking! I really like the glowing blue emblem where the palm rests. Some may find it distracting but you can always turn it off! I am not hardcore enough to use the sensitivity features so I can't really speak for how well those work, but for average gaming this mouse is one that keeps my hand comfortable for extended periods of gaming, working, etc.



great mouse for fat hands like mine. too bad they released a new version like a month after i ordered



I got this mouse for my laptop about 9 months ago and when I first used it I thought huh, I can barely feel the buttons clicking. They click lighter than my old mouse (except for the side buttons, they feel perfect). Now that I am used to it though, I love it and wouldn't wish for anything different! And I love this mouse while gaming, it's super quick and the side buttons are really useful. Now I want a Razer keyboard!

And the Razer symbol glows on and off and it's really cool!!!

I don't know who on earth would give this mouse 1 star. But don't forget, people who receive a mouse that doesn't work on arrival or isn't compatible with their computer are going to be 10 times as likely to review the mouse as someone who gets it and it never has any trouble with it.



I have been using this for over a year and I have had nothing wrong with this mouse. Razer produces over all are great build quality and they last! using the Razer software you can change the settings, lights, ect. The cable is breaded and is very nice to the over all look of the mouse. The 2 side buttons have never failed me and im sure it will keep working forever. Only problem I have had is my hand would get very hot and sweaty but that's just ME. This is a mouse for any gamer would is looking for a mouse that they can change and make it move how they want to with the software.



Would recommend this to anyone who wants quality and reliability, this is my second razer mouse and I've never had any problems.



Had a wireless gaming mouse for a while now, it started to lag around for some reason. I decided it was time to get a dependable wired mouse. Had a razer black widow keyboard for a while and it still works great. So far the mouse works as promised.

The one downside to this mouse is that you need to download the drivers from razer's website to get optimal performance.



Another great product from Razer. Great for gaming and very responsive. Smooth and feels good on the hand. Allows many configurations with its dashboard.



This one is very comfortable and the outside is very cool. It's good for game, especially FPS game. I love it~



I LOVE my Deathadder mouse as far as comfort and responsiveness, however, it has developed a problem with the left click button. Instead of registering one click, it double clicks. This gets super old really fast and I've had to replace it. I've read about this same problem in other reviews. I would have thought a mouse of this quality and price would have held up a bit longer.

The mouse itself is beautiful. The top surface is a light black matte with the triple snake design that fades in and out with a gentle blue glow. The scroll wheel also lights up. The sides are a glossy, deeper black with forward and backward buttons on the left side. The cord is encased in some type of tightly woven/braided material which keeps it from kinking and twisting up. This does get kind of dusty after a while, but wipes off fairly easily - just not as easily as a smooth cord. The top part has the slightest texture to it - even though it's still smooth. It doesn't slip around in your hand.

This mouse's comfort surpasses any other mouse I've ever held and I'm a computer geek so I've held a lot. I have small hands and even still, it was a joy to hold. I do a lot of graphic design and use the computer frequently. My hand never tired, even after hours of work. It's a fairly large mouse so I think it would be very comfortable, even if you have big hands. The scroll wheel is really fat and turns easily with small rubbery clicks. You can press the scroll wheel down for certain functions. It's very quiet and the button clicks are pretty soft sounding and not annoying, like some mice. The bottom moves across my mouse pad with total ease. It never picked up dirt or crud like some other mice I've had. I never had to clean the bottom, even after 2 years. The only part of this mouse that is a dirt magnet are the two buttons on the left. They are constantly getting gooped up with whatever is coming from my thumb. And hey, I have clean hands just seems to attract dirt/skin cells/ whatever in that spot. Also, the top part will look wet for a while if you have the least bit of grease or moisture on your hand.

This mouse not only glides smoothly across any surface I've put it on, it's also super responsive. It's the most precise mouse I've ever used. Although I don't have time for tons of gaming anymore, anytime I used it for this purpose, it worked beautifully.

So, the bad thing - this mouse started double clicking when I click the left mouse button. After a couple days of this I couldn't stand it and bought another mouse. Because the Deathadder is so expensive, I'm sad to say I didn't replace it with another of its kind but instead got a Logitech. I can say right now that the lack of super-preciseness is totally noticeable and I miss the feel of the Deathadder in my hand. My new mouse just doesn't have that super comfortable feel and the same buttery glide. Frankly I don't like it anywhere near the Deathadder. I just couldn't justify spending $60 bucks in the confines of my budget on something that isn't going to last the way I need it to. So, here I am, missing the Deathadder and hoping that they improve/fix that left click button issue before I venture buying another.



Similar to the Microsoft Intellpoint Explorer 3.0 gaming mouse, but this is far more durable with a significantly higher DPS settings.



I have been using this mouse for near a year now, it has no malfunctions yet.
I bought this one because it was as good as the highend mouses and i don't really need 30 buttons on my mouse.
Its response time is perfect, i use it to play moba games (lol and dota 2 high skill level) and fps games (arma 3, bf3) its a great mouse for competitive plays and its quite sturdy.

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