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Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming

Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming Item NO.: Logitech G440

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US$ 37.99

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  • Low surface friction for high-DPI gaming: Hard surface improves mouse and cursor control in high-speed gaming
  • Consistent surface texture: Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision
  • Matched to Logitech G sensors: The ideal surface, game-lab-tested to maximize Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and performance
  • Stable, rigid base: Rubber base keeps the pad in place during intense gaming action
  • Durable multi-layer construction: Made to last with a hard tracking surface and strong polymer core

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Product Name Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming
Item NO. Logitech G440
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Input &Output Device > Mouse Pads & Accessories
Brand Logitech
Creation Time 2016-03-28

G440 features a low friction, hard polymer surface ideal for high DPI gaming, improving mouse control and precise cursor placement.



The surface is amazing for high-dpi gaming. Unfortunately, I play a lot of first person shooters at low dpi, so I did end up returning this and getting a G640, which I absolutely love



Fits perfectly.



It is very smooth to use, the mouse glides right over it. It is also the perfect size. Never run off the sides. It is not very thick at all and I love that.



Feels great, moving my mouse on top has a great feel and I will be buying this product for the rest of my life as it's cheap and there is really nothing else I would add. People like LED lights with there mousepad nowadays but I don't care about that so this is all I need.



Love its hard surface, and smooth sliding of my LOGITECH MOUSE on it!



i had a wireless charge pad before it comes with the g440 mouse pad. just bought for replacement. perfect fit



Very pleased. Product is everthimg they advertised. Especially like the large size. Much improved mouse control and better sensitivity.



Its a mousepad, not much to say except its what I ordered and I am happy with it



Just barely 4 stars. Scratchy feel with a brand new apple mouse.Thought this would really glide. It does not.Material is textured so its friggin noisy. In good conscience I could not give this only a 3--but its was close.Still, better than most.But damn, I hate the noisy noise when I moving over the pad fast.



Just barely 4 stars. What I dislike most is the SCRATCHY FEEL. I am using brand new apple mouse.Thought this would really glide. It does not.Material is so textured moving the mouse is noisy.In good conscience I could not give this only a 3 stars--but its was close.But it is still, better than most.But damn, I hate the noisy noise when moving the mouse fast.



No one pad is likely to be perfect for every application or type of mouse underside. This one works well with my logitech mice.The hard top surface can be annoying after a long while if your wrist is pressed against it. I recommend a wrist pad of some sort.Both my cats consider it an excellent stepping pad to get in my lap or face while I am at the computer.Both my ferrets consider it a bit too slick for good traction when crossing over to their keyboard dancefloor.



good size.



A very good and sturdy mouse pad. There are 2 issues. One - the edges, these are really sharp, you can really cut your wrist. You can sand it, but I found a good thing in that - I scratch my wrist from time to time ;-) Second - it moves. Yes, it has a special Rubber base keeps the pad in place during intense gaming action . Well, it doesn't really really keep it in place.Another thing, which is just an observation - my mouse became a lot more active, quicker, sensitive... I have to adjust the sensitivity from Control Panel to a lower setting.



This is the best mouse pad I have ever used. I am an FPS player. It feels great to me. I will recommend all my friends to buy it



Performance:Initially I was worried I'd messed up. This thing was so frictionless compared to any of my other mouse pads that I didn't think I'd be able to adjust. Played a quick round of Aimlab which confirmed my suspicion, but I decided to give it a go. After playing some casual shooters for about half an hour, I tried another Aimlab test, and ended up with an 11% improvement over my best score to date, even though I'm definitely still getting used to it.Size:This thing is plenty big for low dpi users. I reduced mine by about half just to mess around and had plenty of real estate to hit 180 shots. Fortunately, it's also sensitive enough to use at a high dpi for twitch shooters like KF2 and Doom.ComfortIf I had one complaint, I would say that out of the box the edges were pretty sharp. It feels like it was punched upwards rather than down, leaving a bit of a sharp lip on the edge that you can easily feel with your fingernail (or wrist). If you rest your wrist on the edge of your mousepad, this will be immediately uncomfortable. It's an easy fix with about 20 seconds of work with sandpaper or a stone, but I feel it needs to be mentioned. Other than that, the surface is not rough and despite being rigid, I don't really notice a difference after several consecutive hours of use.Summary:If you're shopping around for a fast mouse pad, and even boutique cloth pads still feel like they're slowing you down, pull the trigger on this. This is the best, fastest mouse pad I have ever used and I don't see switching back any time soon. I'm about to buy a second one for the office.



Game changer. your kills will rise



I owned a big razer mouse pad for a long time and it was fine. I was surprised how much smoother this mouse pad was. It provides extremely little friction; it feels like your mouse is just gliding. It took me a bit to get used to, but I definitely prefer it. My only complaint is that the edges of the mouse pad are basically sharp 90 degree corners that are uncomfortable to have you wrist lay on. I added a piece of tape on the lower edge and it fixed the discomfort issue. I would definitely recommend.



I have been using hard surface mouse pads for years, and never been a cloth type mouse pad fan, but this one is truly amazing. It hardly wears as you play, as long as you wipe dust off of it before use :)Very smooth, very precise!!! I got another reserve one after testing this one - super recommended



Literally my favorite mousepad nothing tops this. Hard surface superiority



Definitely a bit hard to get used to after using a soft cotton mouse pad for many years. After awhile, the pad is growing on me, it has good quality, and feels great.

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