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ANNE PRO 2 Gateron Switch, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Full Keys Programmable - True RGB Backlit - Tap Arrow Keys - Double Shot PBT Keycaps - NKRO - 1900mAh Battery

ANNE PRO 2 Gateron Switch, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Full Keys Programmable - True RGB Backlit - Tap Arrow Keys - Double Shot PBT Keycaps - NKRO - 1900mAh Battery Item NO.: Obins ANNE PRO 2 GATERON

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Black White

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  • Minimalistic design doing more with less. Requires less hand movement while still being able to access all the functionalities.
  • Compact and Portable . It saves desk space and easy to carry around. Fits right in backpack. Perfect for home, work and on the go.
  • Decent bluetooth connectivity enables wireless connection up to 4 devices and switch seamlessly back and forth.
  • Revamped obinskit starter software simplifies the way to set up your own key layout, lighting and to create macros.
  • The “Magic Fn” on the Caps Lock button makes it easier to utilize the F1-F12 keys while gaming.

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Product Name ANNE PRO 2 Gateron Switch, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Full Keys Programmable - True RGB Backlit - Tap Arrow Keys - Double Shot PBT Keycaps - NKRO - 1900mAh Battery
Keyboard Interface Bluetooth, USB
Design Style Gaming, Mini, Mechanical Keyboard, Backlit
Weight 1.2 kg = 2.6455 lb = 42.3288 oz
Category Input &Output Device > Gaming Keyboards
Tag ducky one 2 mini
Brand Anne Pro
Creation Time 2019-11-24


Currently,Obins comes out Type A and Type B PBT key caps of Anne Pro 2 at the same time from different batch.
The difference between two Types are shown as below.We would ship out two versions randomly.





Model ANNE PRO 2
Layout 60% ANSI
Keys Amount 61 Keys
Case ABS Black/White Case
Switch Gateron Switch (Brown Switch, Red Switch, Blue Switch)
Connection Dual Mode
USB Wired (Windows 7/8/10, for Mac, Linux)
bluetooth LE4.0 (Windows 7/8/10, for Mac, Linux)
Backlit 16.8 Million RGB Backlit
Light Source SMD Lamp Beads
Anti-Ghost Key NKRO
Keycap PBT Double Shot Molding Keycap
Battery Built in 1900mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 
USB Operating Current DC 5V, 500mA Max
Dimension 97*284*40mm
Weight 635g
Cable 1.8m Type-C USB Cable

PC Software Obinslab Starter Download:

For Windows 32Bit:
For Window 64Bit:
For Mac:


1. Dual Mode Connection 
    bluetooth 4.0 and Type-C USB-C dual mode connection, makes it widely compatible with multiple systems, for Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

2. Double FN
    Double FN key(FN1/FN2) that creats more possibilities for you to set the layer function. 

3. Intelligent "Tap Key" and "Magic Fn" function
    Tap Fucntion: "Right Shift", "FN1", "FN2", "Right Ctrl" are in combination as TAP key, you could set the tap layer function, and when you click the TAP key, it will triggle this layer function. By default, they 
behave as arrow key when tapped. 
    Magic Fn Function: While retain the original CapsLock function, the magic key can copy the FN1 or FN2 key function that gives you quick access to media. This means magic fn can act as the FN key. You could set the fucntion layers for FN1/FN2, customize any keys or even creat a macro for keystroke combination through the Obinslab Starter, and the Magic Fn function can mirror this Fn behavior. 

4. Long Endurance Time
    1900mAh large capacity battery, built-in protection circuit prevents harm to battery.

5. PBT keycaps 
    Doubleshot PBT keycaps, durable and not easy to shine as ABS keycaps.

6. Full RGB Backlight
    Full RGB backlit, each key can been set RGB backlit independently.

7. Large Onboard Memory for Customization
All keys programmable, built-in large capacity onboard memory for TAP/Magic FN function customization, light effect setting, keyboard layout setting and marco setting. 

8. Supports NKRO in wired mode.

Q & A

1. How to control the backlit?
    FN2 + 0 = Backlit On/Off ; FN2 + 9 = Backlit Modes Switching ; FN2 + - = Backlit Brightness Control ; FN2 + + = Backlit Display Speed Control

2. How to pair with the bluetooth device?
    Anne Pro2 supports connecting four devices. Turn on the bluetooth switch, long press Fn2+ bluetooth key 1/2/3/4 until the key blinks, then search the anne keyboard in your device and choose to connect.
3. How to switch the bluetooth device?
    Short press the FN2 + bluetooth key 1/2/3/4 which has been paired with.
4.  Does Anne Pro 2 have the bluetooth dongle?
   No, you need to buy the bluetooth dongle separately if you want to pair with desktop PC computer.

Package Included:

1 * [Gateron Switch] Anne Pro 2 60% NKRO bluetooth 4.0 Type-C RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 
1 *  Keycap Puller
1 *  USB-C Cable
1 * 1 Set 11PCS Blank Keycap (8 * 1.25u; 1 * 1u/2.75u/2.25u)



Got the Gateron Red switches and white frame - absolutely love it. One reason this is a great FIRST 60% board are the TAP arrow keys on the right side, which eases you into the lack of real dedicated arrow keys.Red switches are nice and quiet. Wife doesn't complain about the noise anymore :DMy only issue is the space bar - a bit too sensitive, so its not a good idea to rest your thumb on or near the spacebar.



- about what you'd expect when you see the unusual layout, needs some time to get used to the shortcuts and arrow keys.- has a nice heavy weight to it.- Bluetooth pairing is smooth and easy.- rgb and macro software is really good, lots of advanced features



So a little backstory, I've been using a full keyboard (The Corsair Strafe RGB) for about 3 years. The keyboard started giving issues a couple weeks back and I decided to purchase a new keyboard. Honestly, the decision between purchasing a 60% keyboard vs a full keyboard was so hard. Ultimately, it was between the Ducky and the Anne Pro 2. After watching numerous reviews, I went with the Anne Pro 2.I've been using this keyboard for a week, my WPM has gone up from 59 to 81 (The first day). To be honest, I haven't started gaming as yet but this keyboard is awesome. The amount of space that I now have on my desk is ridiculous. My desk looks empty at times. The shortcuts are easy to remember though at times, my mind goes back to the full keyboard.Gaming - Have not tried as yet but I am sure it will be great.Quality of material - This keyboard is SOLID and heavy.Value of money - Best bang for buck keyboard on the market. Not to mention that I have this keyboard hooked up to my laptop and PC seeing as it's wireless.YOU WILL NOT REGRET THE PURCHASE.



better than sex



Overall this is a good keyboard for the price. Love the fact that its wired and wireless. And uses USB type C. Theres only three small issues. 1 cannot adjust the height. 2 its not hot swapabble. And 3 the battery size is kinda small (1900mah). Other than those three small things, this keyboard is fantastic.



I like everything about this keyboard, except the fact that I am missing the big yellow shift key. I have 2 small ones.



I wanted to get a smaller keyboard to have more space and liked how this one looks so i decided to get it and its been a few months since i had it and never regretted buying it, i don't even play that much games anymore.



Purchased this while on sale to go with my first PC build. I have ZERO regrets. The quality is outstanding, has a nice weight, PBT keycaps, and bright LEDs. Not even a sound when I give it a good shake, like my old keyboard.The software to setup macros and lighting effects is very user friendly. Customizations are pretty much limitless. For example I setup a macro to switch my monitor inputs from work to personal.Battery life seems ok so far, I have nothad it long enough to give a fair review on battery life but it has been sitting at 98% after ~4 days.I will say there is a bit of a learning curve coming from full sized keyboards to 60% but it looks great in my setup and the more I use it the more I grow to like it. I highly recommend.



I was deciding between this keyboard and another. I am glad I went with this, ANNE PRO 2 works well with my laptop and ipad. I love that I can switch freely between devices. I like that I can change the keycaps. This keyboard has everything I need.



This keyboard is very satisfying to type. The RGB lighting is easy to use with ObinsKit.



I bought this as a gift for a friend, who says he really loves the keyboard. I think there are better dedicated options if you don't care about the blu-tooth, but it still works fantastic as a gaming board overall.



It feels amazing! And the quality is great. My very picky gamer/programmer boyfriend said it had the nicest feel out of any keyboard he has tried. I also use it for programming and have no complaints!!



I absolutely love this keyboard. You can change the backlight color to almost every color. Also there is many lighting effects. The (brown) keys also sound nice. I would definitely recommend this keyboard for gaming and causal usage.



Obviously used and poorly repackaged. Keys were dirty, black hair found in board, and extra caps and remover tool were loose in the box (should have been bagged based on other product photos). For the price of the item, disappointed in the absence of cleaning and shoddy repackaging of a used item.The board itself seems great, beautiful colors and solid materials. The spacebar is louder than the other keys though that seems to be an issue for all Anne pro 2 boards.



My son was excited to have it and he enjoyed to change the keys of the keyboard



I'm using this at home with my work laptop. Everything seems to be of very good quality. I do miss dedicated arrow keys, but it's not a huge loss. Since I'm using the keyboard 8 hours per day, I use a usb cable vs the bluetooth. I looked online at a few different brands before choosing the Anne Pro 2. I have no regrets.



wanted a 60% that was clean and reliable. I got exactly what I expected. Great quality, rgb is bright and smooth, not cheap looking. I got blue switches and I know it is an acquired taste but I absolute love them! Super clicky just like I wanted. Now I tons of mouse room!



the switches are great, it has a good weight to it and gives it a premium feel. Bluetooth connectivity is a little finicky sometimes. Battery life is great, when RGB isn't on it lasts for a few weeks before needing a recharge. The software for controlling the keyboard is a little clunky but it gets the job done.



You get what you pay for and the Anne Pro 2 is a good value at $109.99. I'm not going to use Bluetooth often, but it's nice to have. Obinskit software is self-explanatory and easy to use. There is lots of programmability within the standard ANSI 61 key layout. RGB options are cool, again a bunch of choices.Keycaps - feel good, but some of my caps have some dirt inside that's impossible to get out. Not a deal-breaker, but it would nice if all the legends were clear and unobstructed.Gateron switches - not as good as Cherry MX, but they don't suck either. Key-feel is highly subjective, so there's that.Tap feature - love it! Great way to have some basic arrow-key functionality.RGB - not as bright as I'd like, but, again, it's just not a deal-breaker.Overall, if you're looking for a 60% keyboard that's actually in stock, the AP2 is an excellent choice.



This is my new favorite keyboard!! It sounds amazing and performs fabulously too! I use it specifically for gaming and I’ve had no issues with it so far. Totally recommend!

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